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These Terms of Service (hereafter ‘Terms’) relate to the website www.clickin.app (hereafter the ‘Website’) and the Application to which the Website Relates (hereafter the ‘Application’ or ‘App’). In the context of these Terms, the term ‘Service’ shall be understood to refer to, the Website, the Application, all the functions of the Website and those of the Application, the software, the design, each section and subsection thereof as well as any information published by the Administrator of the Service.

Please read these Terms carefully. By using this Website, the Application, registering, accessing, making use of and / or otherwise interacting with the Service, you unequivocally and unreservedly agree to these Terms in their entirety.


Company name:

IT Sentinel GmbH

Company number:

FN 368709w


Wipplingerstraße 1/1.DG, A-1010 Wien

Contact email address: 

[email protected]

VAT No:   

ATU 66857305


ITSentinel GmbH

(hereafter the ‘Company’, ‘ITSentinel’, ‘Administrator’, ‘Administration’, ‘Us’, ‘We’, or ‘Our’) owns all relevant exclusive property rights to the Service, including but not limited to, the rights to the domain name of the Service and its administration.

These Terms may be changed by the Company at any time by updating these Terms on the Website and notifying Users of such changes by email. In such cases, Your continued use of the Service after such changes will indicate your acceptance of these changes. Any changes to these Terms will enter into force in thirty (30) days after the publication of such changes. Any major and/or substantial changes to your rights or obligations caused by any change to these Terms may require Your acceptance prior to your continued use of the Service. The latest version of these Terms is always available on the website at: www.clickin.app/terms. In the case that there is inactivity on the User’s account for a period of at least 6 months and there is still money in the User’s account, an administrative fee of 10% a month (which is calculated on the current balance in the User’s account) will be charged to the User’s account.

There are parts of these Terms that are applicable solely to the ClinkIn4Users service (which is the service intended to be used by individuals looking to generate an income from using the ClickIn4Users service made available through the Website). Other parts of these Terms are applicable to the ClickIn4Business service (which is the business-oriented service intended to be used by entrepreneurs, companies and other entities looking to generate more traffic on their website and to promote their website through the use of the ClickIn4Business services). Some of the information contained in these Terms concerns both ClickIn4Users as well as ClickIn4Business. Any section or subsection of these Terms which applies exclusively to either ClickIn4Users or ClickIn4Business will be clearly marked as such (An example for the sake of clarity: The ‘ClickIn4Business Billing’ section will apply solely to ClickIn4Business accounts and not to ClickIn4Users accounts).

In the context of these Terms, the term ‘User’ shall refer to the person registered with their e-mail address in the Service and having a personal account with the Website and / or the Application, the person who has not registered with the Service but accesses and / or uses the Service or any part thereof. For the sake of clarity, the term ‘User’ shall refer to both the users of ClickIn4Users (hereafter ‘C4U Users’) as well as users of ClickIn4Business (hereafter ‘C4B Users’).

Any User accessing the Service automatically acknowledges that they fully comply with these Terms.

The User's personal account is a special subsection of the Service that contains the User's personal information and other information that only that User can publish. Each individual User is only permitted to have one personal account.

Personal Information

In the context of these Terms, Personal Information is deemed to be that information which the User has inputted, uploaded to or deposited, through any means, with the Service in the course of registration or otherwise throughout the use of the Service, including, but not necessarily limited to: Full name, e-mail address, password.

Access to the Website and the App

Access to the App requires registration as a "User". Registration as C4U User is open to natural persons. Registration as a C4B User is open to entrepreneurs and companies. Natural persons must be at least 18 years old.

Your full name and E-mail address are required for registration.

After registration, the data collected from the User will be checked for completeness. Unless there are obvious errors, registration is normally accepted without undue delay, and a User account is created for the User. The Company would then notify the User by e-mail about the status of the registration. Nonetheless, the Company assumes no responsibility for the correctness and completeness of the User profiles.

 Registration for service

To access the features of the Service, the User must go through the registration process for the service as follows:

Enter a valid e-mail address. This e-mail address would then have to be used to login and gain access to all features of the Service. The User agrees to provide true personal information about themselves in the registration form and to keep this information up to date. The User undertakes to inform the Administration as soon as possible in order to make the necessary changes. If the person provides false personal information or the Administration has reason to believe that the registration information provided by the person is incorrect, violates these Terms, or that the person uses the data of others, the Administration reserves the right at its full discretion to suspend, cancel, limit and / or deny full access to all or some features of the Service and / or delete the personal account in its totality.

When registering for the Service, the User acknowledges that he may receive periodic mailings in the form of mailings to the user's personal e-mail with offers for installing similar applications from www.clickin.app. In each email the User will be given the option to opt-out of receiving any such further emails.

Authorisation for the service

The User agrees not to disclose or transmit personal information to third parties in order to access the User’s personal account and to take all necessary measures to ensure that such information is not accessible to third parties.

If a third party other than the User is authorized to use the User's personal information for the Service, any action taken by such person will be deemed to have been performed by that User. The User is solely responsible for all actions. Nonetheless, in such cases the Company shall have full discretion to suspend, cancel, limit and / or deny full access to all or some features of the Service and / or delete the personal account in its totality.


The User receive rewards when using the App. Upon the successful completion of the tasks indicated in the App, the User shall receive a payment which shall be deposited in the User’s internal App wallet. The money in the User’s internal App wallet can then be withdrawn using the PayPal and MTN Services. After requesting a withdrawal, the User is redirected to the option page, where the preferred payment method from those available is selected by the User.

The minimum withdrawal amount starts from 1 EURO or the equivalent in the available currencies.

Paypal payment is processed via the PayPal platform. In case of MTN money withdrawal, the request is processed within 48 working hours by the local agent - O.P.E GLOBAL LTD.

Users are solely responsible for the proper reporting, documentation and payment of all taxes and levies related to their received awards. ITSentinel shall under no circumstances be liable for any tax related obligations of the Users.

ClickIn4Users and ClickIn4Business: Acceptable Use

Both in the cases of ClickIn4Users and ClickIn4Business accounts, there can only be one account registered for every unique payment method. Therefore, once a payment method has been attached to a user’s account, that payment method can’t be used with any other account. For the sake of clarity, multiple accounts cannot be attached to the same payment method. For example: If a User has more than one account, he can only attach his Paypal account to one of his ClickIn accounts.

Clickin4Business: Accounts

The Services intended for C4B Users are those the aim of which is to promote the search engine rank of C4B Users’ websites through the generation of web traffic and by giving C4U Users tasks to complete which aid in the achievement of the said aim.

You are the only person who is allowed to use your ClickIn4business account, username and password. You agree not to allow anyone to use your account or password, and to take reasonable measures to prevent unauthorised access to the examination of your password and the use of the Service. You agree that You are solely responsible for using Our service, even in the case of unauthorised use or caused through Your negligence. We value your privacy and the security of your personal data very much and will process Your personal data in accordance with Our Privacy Policy. With the registration you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted our Privacy Policy and our processing activities.

Clickin4Business: Acceptable Use

You are solely responsible for your own assignments and any consequences thereof. You will use Our service in accordance with all applicable local, state, national and international laws, rules and regulations, including any laws relating to the manipulation and distribution of any content from your country of residence. You are solely responsible for the proper reporting, documentation and payment of all taxes and levies related to your assignments and payments. ITSentinel shall under no circumstances be liable for any tax related obligations of the Users.

You must not, do not agree to and do not allow third-parties to:

Violation of any of the mentioned above points is a violation of these Terms of Service, which may lead to immediate blocking of Your account and may lead to Your liability for any damages, penalties or fines which may ensue as well as any other legal consequences. ITSentinel reserves the right at any time to remove or refuse to distribute any content through Our Service, which violates these Terms of Service or which ITSentinel otherwise deems to be inappropriate for any reason whatsoever. Under no circumstances whatsoever shall ITSentinel be held responsible for Your use of Our Service.

Clickin4Business: Billing

Registration on the ClickIn4Business platform is free. Nevertheless, tasks and some functions of Our platform are chargeable. The account balance is replenished via PayPal and credit cards. Upon completion of the balance, or on the 1st day of each month, IT Sentinel will provide the C4B User the "campaign report" with information about the balance at the current moment. Any payments which you make to your Clickin4Business account will in effect be made to ITSentinel.

ClickIn4Business: Description of Customer Use

Signing Up

As a prospective C4B User who wants to make use of the ClickIn4Business service You shall be required to register an C4B User Account. Registration involves entering Your email address and password, clicking the ‘sign up’ button, agreeing to these Terms and acknowledging to have read the Privacy Policy. You will then be sent an email for the confirmation of your email addresses.

In the personal cabinet, by clicking Admin Panel the User can upgrade the registration in terms of business. To do so You will be required to input other additional information such as, but not necessarily limited to, Company Name, Registration address and VAT number.

Updating the balance of a C4B User account can be done either through Paypal or by Credit Card.

ITSentinel will provide with an official report either when the C4B User balance reaches 0, or on the 1st day of each month.

Liability in relation to both Clickin4User and Clickin4Business Services

The User shall hold the Company harmless from and against all losses (including but not limited to, regulatory fines and penalties) suffered or incurred by, awarded against or agreed to be paid by the Company arising from or in connection with any breach by the User of any applicable law. The Company assumes no liability whatsoever from any use of the Service.

Under no circumstances shall ITSentinel, its members, managers, officers, employees, agents or their representatives be held liable for any incidental, direct or indirect losses (including, without limitation, losses from lost profits, interruption of business, loss of programs or information, etc.) as a result of the use or inability to use the Service or any information provided or downloaded from the Service, even if ITSentinel or its authorised representatives were informed of the possibility of loss or any claims, communication data with errors, omissions or other inaccuracies in the Service.

Any costs for the establishment and use of an internet connection in order to use the Website or the App shall be borne by the User.

No warranties

The material displayed on our Website and App is provided without any warranties, conditions or warranties as to its accuracy. Due to the constant technical development of our products, the information on this Website and App may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. The information may be changed or updated without notice. In addition, the Company may make improvements and / or changes to the products described in this information without notice. ITSentinel does not warrant that the Service will be uninterrupted or error-free. ITSentinel makes no express or implied warranties, representations or endorsements in general (including, without limitation, implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose) with respect to the Service and is not responsible for any costs or damages arising either directly or indirectly from Your use of Our Service. ITSentinel does not warrant that the use of the Services will result in any hoped economic benefits or that it will result in any measurable advantages (ie measurable effects of the promotion efforts) for C4B Users in relation their websites and businesses.


Both Parties may terminate this Agreement at any time without prior notice by notifying the other Party of such intention. The sole non-use of a User account without giving proper termination notice shall not be deemed as a termination of this Agreement.


To know more about what personal data we process about the User, if any, and how we process such personal data, if at all, please carefully read our Privacy Policy available at https://www.clickin.app/data-policy


For all claims and disputes arising out of or in connection with the use of our Website, App or otherwise relating to these Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Laws of Austria without giving effect to its principles regarding conflicts of law and shall be subject to the sole jurisdiction of the Commercial Court in Vienna, Austria.